Evolution of Global Flight


Maybe she is looking at what we are positing haha!


It’s like a Champions League final, all possible things related to this are being announced here. The hype is real.


They’re all leaving for EGSS!


You guys are all going to give people heart attacks lol. People are going to be so excited to see so many new post, but then depressed when It is all just speculation and no new news. Lol


This is on topic, actually. Beta is a crucial step in the evolution of global flight.


Because she said we’d get an announcement


To be honest it’s a lot of news already seeing new testers


Sorry, I never saw this. Can I get a link?



This is what we have been waiting for


We still care. The implementation of beta is not an excuse for people to speculate, go off-topic etc - the standards here are exactly the same as before. Thanks!


I have the same feeling right now as I will probably have when both the Warriors and Cavs don’t make the NBA finals for once :)

Thanks and so excited FDS :)
BTW, no matter how long I have to wait for global, I will never lose my hype for it!!! :)))


Yeah I knew I screwed up when I made that comment. Sorry!! I’ll delete it :)


Let’s get back on topic then gents! I want to keep this open. Does anyone have pictures of a higher altitude flight from the global testers?


No I don’t sorry :((


Am I the only one that can’t imagine how near is global ? Wishing FDS a not too complicated beta testing ;)


Guys dont get too excited. Beta might take weeks or months and Global isn’t even in beta yet.


Are you sure it isn’t in beta? We really don’t know.
So I guess assume it isn’t. But I think it’s sligthly strange to say “it isnt”. Each to their own :)


There would be an announcement on the community.


Laura just posted this picture on Instagram.


We know it will take a bit more time but since we don’t get that much info about global for long time we are excited so let us be 👀