Evolution of Global Flight


Don’t expect one at any point. It all depends on how well testing goes.


Haha. Can’t wait for that Sweet Juicy annoucement ;)


You only know, what that means ;)


This is a nice back to school present, I am pretty down that I have to go back to school Monday, now I am happy.

Thanks FDS


"We gonna get that sweet juicy info"
Well hopefully… we get that sweet juicy info 😂


Yes I have been waiting for it!


We all have been too :D


I’ve seen this question a million times now 🙄 Global means the entire world :) you can fly wherever you want whenever you want! Yes, you can fly across all 7 continents and seas and the North and south pole!


This is incredibly exciting. Arguably the most important milestone since Alpha began. Can’t wait for the announcement!


I feel the announcement could be anytime!


will there be a limited altitude? What will the views look like at say 70,000 feet? I’ve gotta ask some questions to keep us on topic🙂


Don’t think so. Just like the current version, no limits.


I feel Laura is just polishing up her announcement.


Wouldn’t it be Phillipe who would be doing that?


You will only be constrained by what an aircraft can do in real life. So if an aircraft can fly at 70,000ft then yes you will be able to do it in IF.


Tyler Misha and David Cutler are at Sofia maybe preparing group photo or something 🤔


I think Laura just joined them so get ready 😁


I’m so excited. Expecting an announcement today…


Laura’s forum status for last seen is ‘just now’, so who knows.

This is so speculative lol.


Why is everyone expecting an announcement here? There wasn’t one for alpha…