Evolution of Global Flight


And a four digit number on the official post announcing the release 😂


We're waiting for your masterpieces 😏


And most likely, this topic will be closed when Global releases :tears:


I hope not. Devs will continue to update infinite flight and bring on more features, this is the best place to carry on the conversation.


@Swang007 will have to rename the topic :)


He isn't a mod or regular and the topic is older than 60 days so he can't....


He made the topic @Insertusernamehere


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@Reese older than 60 days you can't edit


Maybe not, because global flight may still evolve in the future as the devs continue improving it


Oh ok I never knew that


OMGGGG HAHAHAHA wowwwww that is so mean she's working really hard I feel bad for laughing


chill out mate... :)


Hehheheheeh lmao I'm not mad or anything I just feel bad for laughing


Shall I just say that famous line that actually dominates this thread these days…

Back on Topic!

Common guys, I want to come onto this thread and see positive, insightful and meaningful conversation about Global


And if it keeps dominating this thread I’ll honestly just close it. This topic keeps getting more off-topic and unproductive each day (and more flags)

C’mon people…I don’t like being mean😜


Anyone know anything about weather in global? All I know is we have high altitude winds and weather confirmed - not sure about anything else


I think maybe fog.... remember the Air berlin Q400 and Lufthansa A320 picture?


We already have that😭 I want rainnn


No I mean almost like clouds.