Evolution of Global Flight


Can we please get back on topic! This is infinite flight! Not P3D,FSX, x-plane. This isn’t a place to discuss about other simulators!!! Stay on topic!


What Kenny said, back on topic please.


It's that global picture of a B747-8F over the French Alps.


The community always wins 😂😂


What does have to do with the "Evolution" of Global?


Yes we ALL love the sky rendering!


No, it's the USCG C-130 picture


It's a comparison between IF global and P3D. Sounds like fairly on-topic.


P3D is a desktop, top-of-the-line flight simulator. IF is mobile, top-of-the-line flight simulator. Huge difference.


Actually it already does that when you first lift off the runway the gear is tilted then it randomly straightens out


Any activity on Laura's or Infinite Flight's Instagram page?

(Or twitter)


Nothing I'm afraid.


Don’t worry, I can assure you that if there’s any update in any official platform, the information will be related in this topic no later than 10 minutes after the release.

And it works 24/7


Thanks, I believe it!


Will there be working EICAS systems and, a working a GPS, and other working cockpit instruments?


No :) this will just have the ability to fly all around the world, with real good graphics. Features like that will come in time ;).


Poor Laura. Her answer may drive some people crazy.


That’s not new news!


Well at least we know it's close 😂


The good thing is that there is a hopeful 'yes'