Evolution of Global Flight


Loving that new title ๐Ÿ˜‚ and yes, speculating doesn't help anything.

That 787 is ๐Ÿ˜, the sky rendering is beautiful


That's what I hoped aswell ๐Ÿ˜‚, but didn't want to say anything as people would get angry


Ah, me too! Using FSX to get used to some long(ish) flights...


What does โ€œoptimisationโ€ or โ€œoptimizeโ€ mean?


Making it so it can run on devices more efficiently - practically speaking meaning it runs on less powerful devices, and uses less RAM, battery and storage


taking out unnecessary graphical factors and making codes less complex to get every bit of maximum performace


This has been my new favorite sight when using my phone๐Ÿ˜‚

TRIVIA: Guess what my background for my home screen is๐Ÿค”


Looks like an IF or Global Photo.


Haha the c130 pic in Europe yes


Hey, do you possibly know if keeping your iPad/iPhone for too long running IF and keeping it charged ruins the battery of the device? Apologies if the question was already answered - didn't find anything related to this specific question.


I haven't experienced any issues with charging the battery during any flights nor have any of the other testers that I am aware of :)


"It (The update) will be released soon. We have no features to add. We only need to optimise and fix some little bugs. "

Is this what it says ?


Yes it does @Domenico


I translated it to this on google translate:
"This is for a short time we have almost more features to develop, just to optimize and debug the last worries."


While taking foreign language classes, you easily find out google translate is not ideally accurate.


did u use Google translate ? it sounds really confusing.


@Daniel14 yeah... Google translate is pretty useless for this matter. Ask people here that have real experience with different languages.


Yeah, I'm in French and figured some out then needed the rest translated.


Guys letโ€™s go back on Topic {Evolution of Global flight } instead of talking about google translate , you guys can continue that #PM .


You do not get p3d like that out of the box man... you gotta spend hundreds of dollars