Evolution of Global Flight


At least we know 3/4 of them are capable πŸ‘€


Someone new to blame for global delays?


Who said there were delays? Could be ahead of schedule for all you know πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ


Laura posted this a few hours ago:

It (The update) will be released soon. We have no features to add. We only need to optimise and fix some little bugs.

Does it mean now that Alpha testing has finished and it is now at Beta testing? I have made some researches and I saw that during Beta testing no features are added and only some corrections and optimisation are made.

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Doesn't matter - people will still call it delayed, if it is not out by the end of summer. Was a joke by the way - don't read too far into it :)


Beta testing is shorter than alpha, 99% of the time. This could be a couple of days to a couple of weeks. As you said, this is pretty close to the releasable version and is meant to imitate real life use, unlike Alpha which I believe is going out, looking for and reproducing bugs and issues.


I really like the effort gone into making Global, here are some pictures showing their hardwork -


Will the terrain map stay?


I have been waiting so long for global (not a complaint) , it feels weird with Laura saying it will be here soon.

Not a complaint


If I didn't know the date, I could easily say that comment was made in October 2016.


(I could be wrong) I doubt it, it looks like we'll just have a global this time. I actually prefer it that way (in my opinion).


I've been using FSX for my Global impatience. Really have gotten into it these last few months, and can't wait for Infinite Flight to have the same Global capabilities!


Why are some green and some red?


I think it depicts VFR conditions, but don't take my word for it.


@Insertusernamehere what exactly do you mean with terrain map? You mean in the FPL map? I don't see why it would go in that case.


Oh my god dude. That's amazing, those screenshots look insane. I think we can really say that infinite flight is the best flight sim, not just on mobile but PC too. Seriously it's getting insanse. First off we have multiplayer that works and freaking amazing ATC systems. We have GLOBAL flight and fuel consumption. Some people underestimate how good it is. No other sim is as simple (with a learning curve), no other sim has multplayer that actually works, and no other sim gives you this experience for such an amazing price (which should probably be higher lol).


Ask one of the developers or moderators.


Where did you get that information from?

We WILL have it. It’s just not ready at the moment.


Is the map for gate selection going to be a feature with the update, or is it just something they were trying out?


I don’t want to speculate but probably that is going to happen.