Evolution of Global Flight


No it doesn’t. iPad Pro 9.7 & iPhone 7+ at the moment.

All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A

I phone 6+ does your brightness go down when charged in?


Okay, I will use your advice, hope it’s ok for the iPad mini 2


Is is possible to keep brightness at certain point, and it doesn’t change? Thanks.


It does that to prevent overheating. Nothing wrong.
Back on topic, whatever that is in this one these days.


Ok. Like that joke! Classic “back on topic”.


So has any major news popped up about Global?


Not that we know now. Too bad. Waiting for new Instagram post…


Hopefully a new Global pic! For FNF.


I desperately hope so. I know that all of those testing and working on global flight are trying hard to hand up a beautiful update to over the 10,000 users who use this realistic simulator


Yes very much so. It’ll be worth the wait. Time Pettys Song: The Waiting is the Hardest Part.


I honesty feel it coming out early august (which is bad for me cause school starts on the 16th) :(


Or maybe it’ll be good because it’ll give you something to think about besides the update of an app


Oh and my school holidays finish at the end of this month, oh well, theirs always the weekend and after school


You gotta admit you’re pretty excited for it too😂😜


“…Working on fuel consumption…”


Yea take that speculators. Just because our great developers are in the other side of the world, doesn’t mean global is delayed. Laura could be having a great time right now in france, scaling to the french alps, having a nice croissant 🥐. But instead she is there sitting hours infront of her computer coding global for us ❤️. Really shows that we need to appreciate our devs more, and when this update comes out that they need atleast a month or two in vacation.


She isn’t at the avenue des Champs-Elysée to watch the parade?! 😱


Probably both. #determination


I’m not the only one working on this guys, while I’m enjoying a croissant, Val, Philippe, Rg and Cameron are working :)