Evolution of Global Flight


This thread got so useless lmao... every second post "please stay on topic" for the last 200-300 replies


Seriously everytime I go here there are like 50+ new messages but no new pictures or something interesting.


People are just excited for global and want to discuss it. Just because there isn’t any new information doesn’t mean it makes this thread “useless.” As long as it’s legitimate conversation it’s just fine.


I have read some old posts on this thread (~End 2016) saying that Laura has said that Global won't be released during the holidays. Philippe has said that their goal is to release it during this summer (June-September). Currently it is the holidays until September so the update will be out in ~2 months? Or have they decided that they will release the update during the holidays if it is done?


Your interpretation of "holiday" is based on people who go to school.. Some of us actually go to work even though it's summer ;)

Summer is not considered a holiday in that manner.


So when she says that the update won't be released during the holidays. What does she meant exactly? School holidays? Bank holidays?


Bank holidays most likely. I can't be sure of that though. But stuff like Christmas, Easter and so forth.


The sky’s atmosphere looks awesome


Yes! we all know that by now, we've seen many pictures of the sky, we know what it looks like. (just saying, not hating)


That grass looks so good, it looks alive.


That is beautifully amazing!


It looks almost the same to what we have already... (in my opinion)


any update, progress or development on a fix for the connection bug?


What connection bug? Are you talking about that but where if you fly fly longer then 2 hours I think it is then you the WiFi thing at the top right will go orange? Correct me if I'm wrong.



Just a recommendation and some words of encouragement from another post. Best of luck fella.


Wrong topic? Seems like it's meant to go in the device requirements topic.


No global will cost money so he's telling you how to make money.


It happens when you are flying shorter than 2 hours trust me.


Will there be any new GPWS or T-CAS call outs?


GPWS call-outs already exists?