Evolution of Global Flight


Well there you go. You didn’t get it then.


Star Wars? Come on guys, Please Stay on Topic! Enough with the speculation… Thank You and Good Day! :)


Hey man I acknowledged the Yoda style. It was still subjective though like almost everyone else’s comments on this thread. I guess I see now there’s isn’t much else left to do on this thread other than to speculate sadly.


People aren’t stopping to ask when is the update so yes i continue


You know… I suggest everyone reading this right now goes and read the 787 tracking thread all over again. All of it. I recently did it, and I find it really healthy when waiting for these things. It reminds me of the tense waiting, tiring days of no screenshots…
It could be useful for some people on this thread to remember that moment. You know, to learn from it.


I had a crazy dream the other day that Global was released and it was actually pretty moving for me because it really showed how far this app has come along with how the small team has grown. Release will surely be a monumental step for FDS and I’m excited to see where Global will push the sim next. Exciting time I must say.


Okay so i am voicing my concern here, i hope this is the right topic to post in, but my worry is that i have spent 45$ recently on IF for locations and aircraft, i only play solo due to lack of a steady wifi internet connection. Above this, i am worried that the “global update” will be an entirely new app and everything i am doing now to prepare will be in vein is my worry. If anyone can clarify this, it would be much appreciated.


Global is not a new app, and you’ll keep all your planes and regions you’ve purchased


Take a look at the mods comment at the end of the thread.


If you don’t have WIFI, then you will be restricted to regions similar in size (or maybe larger) to what we have now


Thank you, surprisingly that took alot of worry and unnecessary stress over the matter off my shoulders, much gratitude to you and the IF community. my anticipation is skyrocketing for the update.


We just got another 26 posts on this topic and when I saw that I thought: New Picure! No. It is just speculating

Let’s say that speculating makes Global further away. Because people have to flag that post for moderation, FDS then has to see the flag and message, respond to it and bring down the post. -5ms we see. But it has happened so many times that it probably -1 month. STOP SPECULATING!

Let’s just let FDS take their time. The longer they take the better it is. Do you want a quick fast product with lots of bugs or a long nice update with few bugs/ none?

  • Quick fast update with lots of bugs
  • Long update with no/ very little bugs

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I hope this has helped.


You can also run Global over cellular


I understand that you are trying to alleviate the “speculation” and compile data however this just adds to the “Global” chaos. I’m afraid that this isn’t needed bud. Regards


This thread is for meaningful discussion regarding global flight. I will be flagging and deleting any more nonsense. Way too many posts on this thread getting flagged. We’re all excited but let’s not resort to speculating… :)


Have people started to think about how they will do their flight planning? Since many of you say you’ll be flying long hauls then they will require some form of planning more or less. Accounting for winds and fuel burn will definitely challenge the lazy pilots out there to some extent. Websites like Simbrief.com will greatly help with planning your flights along with SkyVector.com. Hopefully the days of Direct flight plans will come to an end (wishful thinking) and we will see the Evolution of Global Flight PLANNING!


I guess no one wants to talk about anything other than when the update is. Oh well, I tried 🤷‍♂️


I wonder if some users here have ever heard the word “patience” and understand the old concept that good things take time… I just wonder…


I’m pretty sure it’s just an big update, planes and other purchases should be kept. Only bugs are not.


Also less photos mean you’ve got to find things yourself and not just copying the photos