Evolution of Global Flight


Press on her profile picture if your on the Instagram app… :)


I’m on the browser from my phone


Has it ended, can’t see it


Laura life stream ( Instagram).


Not sure how to do it on browser… :( Sorry about that. Maybe someone else can help!


Yes, unfortunately it just ended.


Maybe I need to create an Instagram first. Not gonna happen.
Sorry for the OFF post.


I hope the devs will present Global in the manner where you can continue your last flight where you left off especially on those 17hrs flights. Just my 2cents(contribution)


I believe it would be a chaos in Live if this would be implemented. And it would make ATC’s (Centre/Radar) job harder as people would spawn in the skies.


I missed the live stream again😑


Noooooooo I missed it!!!😭😭😭


Any other important things you guys caught?


Hopefully Laura will do a Europe centric time livestream. Missed it. Dang it. Looks great though.


The best thing is to make stopovers. For example you are doing a flight from Nairobi to Los Angeles, I would make a stopover somewhere in Western Europe or Far East Asia(Tokyo or Seoul). This way you can avoid AFK flying while organizing your flights.


The scenery looks absolutely beautiful 😍

Australia or Mars ?

(From the IF Instagram)


Obviously it’s Mars. Mars confirmed #mars #ripspaceshuttle
Jokes aside, it looks amazing 👌🏼


wow I am anticipating this update more and more everyday. I will not be able to wait much longer… :)


Space shuttles confirmed?


Someone leaked a picture of it…


I thought that was a club penguin behind the blur…

RIP Club Penguin :’(