Evolution of Global Flight


Huh, oh yeah! I guess I guess I always just glossed over it. My mistake - I will retract my past comment.


I was talking about the aircraft icon, not the whole map.


Meant to respond to @Overspeed.


BREAKING NEWS Laura is Live on Instagram about Global! https://www.instagram.com/lauraviatrix/?hl=en

EDIT: Live Stream Ended


In case you missed the Live Stream…

On her Live Stream, She talked about:

-Pricing (Pricing Model not Known yet)
-Obvious Questions (Are there any buildings, Is France in Global, When is it coming out, etc.)
-Fog Layers (Fog Layer only extends to 5,000 feet)

Please, If you heard any other information, feel free to share!


Is there a recording of the livestream?


Laura’s Livestream

Q: How is the development of night time going in Global?

A: Night time! It looks amazing, and is still something we are working on.

I can only wonder how it looks right now, but at least we know it has improved from the last time we saw night time in Global.

Q: (Something regarding the CRJ)

A: We will most likely have the -200 and -700 variants.


The livestream was on Instagram which has no playbacks unfortunately…


That is very unfortunate, I guess I’ll have to catch the next one 😀


Now I’m very curious about the improvements in night time


Do you remember any other specific questions?


There were a few other questions, but nothing important. I’m pretty sure there were other important questions that I missed.


Hopefully they add the -1000 also so they have the biggest too.


And also the -900 cause why not? 😆


Hopefully we will be able to see city lights.


That would be awesome! Hoping for something like that in the future! :)


Ahh… but what about the variables outside that class :)


EDIT: Now Ended! :) check out screenshots below!
Laura is back LIVE on Instagram with live gameplay and Q/A of Global!

Post Questions that she answered below to share! :)


I can’t see it! Is it only for the Instagram app?


Laura: “Of course there’s FedEx and UPS on all these guys…”

UPS confirmed on the MD-11!