Evolution of Global Flight


@LouDon16 I hope so! I was wondering the same!


In fact we can’t test that with the AC-130, he can’t pushback :o


DUDE!!! That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in IF! :)


On the MD-11 we will have to start up three engines! :)


I also noticed that the nose looks weird. I looks like it could be detached…


Did you know? On the A340 you can even start up 4 :D


Will the engine start/stop option be implemented to every aircraft?


Yes it will be on every aircraft.


This update (Global Flight) will be the biggest update that Infinite flight ever has done!!


I expected the engine start up sound to be more realistic but it’s OK :)


I think they did a great job with the sounds they already have. It will sound really cool on the Bombardier Q400 it has the newest sound.


Little by little! I’m sure they’ll personalize the sounds for each aircraft soon- most of the content in Global are ‘prototypes’.


It did also say subject to change who knows :)


Laura testing Global on the Nexus 9! Check out that 172!

Also, do I see an Approach Mode button for the 172?? :O


Edit:I see the word nav there it’s not an app button
Probably LNAV but never know


They did say, any aircraft that currently has an autopilot, will be equipped with LNAV. Not sure on the Approach mode though.


Yeah the current 172 has autopilot I’m pretty sure so that’s good news to see it


It’s looking great! I just really hope the dev team can work their magic and make global work on my old Android L90…


I do also, this is going to be AMAZING!


That is beautiful!! Oh my :O