Evolution of Global Flight


You become a pillow, @FlyFi @bensonb ?


I blame it all on @FlyFi 😂


It wouldn’t surprise me…


That Sky’s rendering ❤

Surprised that none has posted this…


WOW, this is gorgeous.


I actually thought that was a real picture 😍


Uhm… don’t really know if this is off topic but if you checkout IF instagram you can see a screenshot of a hangar in IF. An actual building in IF. Not kidding.


Oh god. Calm down. We’re NOT getting buildings anytime soon.


Theres a thing called… photoshop.


After close examination I have concluded that this has been photoshopped.


By that you mean you looked at what the official IF account said? 😂


Here is a link to the official IF instagram page: http://instagram.com/infiniteflight



At this point I could photoshop the IF logo onto a cow and people would be like “ermahgawd there’s going to be animals in Global”

Please everyone, no speculation and post facts only :)


Some older videos show of 3d buildings in hong kong


There’s no way that that is taken in Infinite Flight!


It is if you look closely to the plane’s graphics and the sky rendering

I’m sure that CCX wouldn’t looked like that IRL


Source? Was this on their Facebook page?


lauras youtube channel


Could you please link it?


They confirmed hong kong ages ago too.