Evolution of Global Flight


Guys what we really did not see yet, is the terrain which only has 500x500 resolution ( which is very bad but will be improved ) and the areas outside of the 60Β° frame, where is basically nothing ( the globes poles ). Very excited to see that as well, as beautiful as the 15x15 is. But supercool that we get new teasers. Last time I was that excited was with the 787 and all the livery posts.


I wouldn't say that to people who lives in Oslo (Norways capital).. it's just above that line.


Same thing for Helsinki. (Finlands capital)


For those wondering about Laura's speed, there is 10kts leniency before the violation is given (the vio and warning only trigger at 260KIAS).


Lmao! It's summer here already in Middle East! Where's the update? πŸ˜‚ (Jk it's a joke but it is summer here.)


Since this thread is About the Evolution of global flight, does anyone know if the Saving Flight Plans feature has been mentioned or confirmed for the update ?

If not, I think it would be a great addition, therefore I encourage everyone that thinks the same to vote on this thread :



I'm pretty sure LNAV will solve your problem.


I don't think so, LNAV It's only a mode of the autopilot lateral navigation, which makes the plane follow a flight plan.
You would need to manually enter a flight plan every time you start a flight. Then LNAV would follow it after the A/P is engaged.


That people that explain the joke after saying it...;D
Have a nice summer and go global if you can...


I have a question, is everything going to be working with no lags with full graphics on the IPad Pro ? Thanks


Well, that’s the best IPad performance wise, so not taking any guesses, but I’m sure it will be fully capable.


Lol I don't want people spamming me telling I am an idiot! πŸ˜‚


That view 😍


Wow, that mountain detail though!


Mount Fuji looks awesome and beautiful β€πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅


No way!!
That looks absolutely amazing.
Job well done FDS.


This looks stunning!


I have two questions for a mod or dev

1: will we get the MD-11/DC-10 update before Global because I remember Someone saying that Global is the next update.

2: Will we get to vote for the Next Aircraft Addition/Aircraft Rework

Thank you!
- @Gemini_Jets_33367


Their main focus is on Global and MD-11/DC-10 for now :)


RThanks for the info