Evolution of Global Flight


Sunset scenery looks awesome ❀


That's a lovely photo, also where do you get these photos?


From Laura's Instagram, she just posted them.


He got it from Laura's instagram πŸ˜‰


She is violating speed restrictions below 10,000 πŸ‘»


Lol. I didn't even realize that. Great catch! πŸ˜‚


She said that in here Instragram :


You better not be loosing your skills! πŸ˜‰


Nope, MD11 might have a higher speed restriction possibly. If you haven't seen videos of a MD11 take off at max weight it's air speed is normally around 276-280 after takeoff.

Would appreciate it if someone correct me if I'm wrong :)


I'm loving all these MD-11/DC-10/global sneak-peeks!


If any aircraft needs a higher speed restriction, its the 777's and the a380's. Impossible to slow down sometimes!


Large Jet transports usually have a Best Rate of climb speed around 280-310 KIAS up to FL270 when you transition to Mach climb speeds.
The speed restriction on departure depens on the country's regulations and departure procedures on the specific air space.
Even if the airspace is limited to 250KIAS, you can request to ATC high speed under 10,000 ft, in order to save fuel and optimize climb.
I hope that helps...


Let's stay on topic... We don't want this topic to get closed! Simply PM him about it or if anything, talk about it in the MD11/DC10 Tracking thread :)


I do not think the Evolution of Global (one of the top topics on IFC) will be closed due to being off topic ;)


That has nothing to do with global evolution :). That's just high quality and some nice editing.


That looks epic! That low level fog really makes it come to life.


My question is why has she not got a violation for going 250+ knots under 10k feet


Lol why are they so dumb... they want a half done Global update?


Wow, it has come a long way already!


It has, I’m excited for Global.

Maybe she toggled that off? Or she’s in solo.