Evolution of Global Flight


We don't know.......


No it's not. I can say that for certain.


We do know. 20 characters


and btw.. Summer is in 2 Months (and even then it could be the end of summer)


Okay got it.........


Well but I don't think the countdown should be for June 2th, but for October 1st. It is just a target and I think that being too optimistic about it is bad.


Yeah I also think that it'll come out during Fall...


Seriously......? the 'global' update will come when it's done. No point in speculating.


Doing that can result in two things

  1. Catastrophic loss for FDS, a majority of the player base pulls out after not getting anything for an extended period of time

  2. People still leave, but most decide to wait it out

I wouldn't recommend it in any case, they've shown too many photos, not enough progress updates to satisfy everyone, and as I like to say "went too deep".


Not the point. Other sims show far less and still do fine. It's the principle of the thing in light of human greed and want.


I don't see Apple or Samsung giving updates on the next product that they're releasing yet people still buy their products in the masses. Same concept applies here. I agree with @JoshFly8, I think people would not be so overwhelmed with Global if they stopped with the releasing of pictures. Anyways, I digress.


So then refer to my last statement, community wise they're in deep. Very deep. Suddenly pulling out gives a 40/60 (in favor of people staying due to the latest post) chance for a success or flop.


Here is another global picture from the official Infinite Flight Instagram.


I'm speechless...

It's just too beautiful.


Also, pertaining to your apple and samsung comparison. Their fanbase is literally so large and full of varying products that this wasn't the best comparison, and they have enough people who are slaves (in a highly figurative sense) to their products.

TL;DR: Apple and Samsung don't care because they have enough models and numbers/fans to sustain themselves for a long while.


Fanbase has nothing to do with the comparison. You're overlooking the mainpoint. I'm sorry if you don't see through to the comparison. 🤷🏼‍♂️


So here is my main and biggest question (Don't need to spam me with "We don't know" if the answer is We don't know)

Will I be able to play IF with global on an IPhone 5S


If you read the other post you can find your answer. It days global works smoothly on iOS devices <2 years old.


Read this. You may have your answer.


I did but the IPhone 5S is older than 2 years isn't it