[Ended] Aeroflot Virtual giving Minneapolis some love! @ KMSP - 142145ZFEB18


Ok, I’ll add you right now


Thanks for adding me


Ohhhhhhbin that case sure, I’ll use the 777-300ER


I’ll give you gate G13


@northwest I might be able to join I just don’t want to get up at 2am est to land


Well, the flight is at 2145Z, so if you want, I can give you G14


what time is that (est)?


3:35 cst, 4:45 pm est


what time will arrival be?


about 9 hours and 40 min after that


i ll try to attend and if it looks too long than I might divert or leave


Sure, that’s alright with me, as long as you’re there for at least some of it!


@William_Chin, what aircraft will you be using? MD11F, A330-300, or 777-300ER?


hmm MD-11 since I’ve only flown it for cargo routes


Ok, I’ll add you at G14!


yay thank you @northwest :)


all set for tonight everybody


create a messages for this event


i will be there but i will sleep and wake up before descent


I wanna join too at g16
Boing 777