East Midlands issued Amber Storm Warning


I think that’s a good idea


Sorry, I blame Murphy for the trampoline detour ;) I’ll be up for a flight at East Midlands in a few hours if you’re interested and awake.

@Laura_Murphy just a wee breeze after all…


Well, I’m sat about 10 miles from EGNX…calm lovely evening. No breeze to be reported but a light shower.


Hmf. I’ve never been to those parts, I live in California. Does a lovely evening mean 30 kt winds, rather than the 50kts forecast?


It’s been fairly windy today here in Nottingham, I’ll be watching out tomorrow for any planes I see go over!

I didn’t even know it was going to be so windy tomorrow!


ITs mean to be speed up around 2 and peak at 4


A nice evening is 10kts at most, Anything over that is crazy in the U.K. (Bar I’m Scottish highlands and also this is a slight exaggeration)


I only just saw it because I was on the waddington reported page after a plane went supersonic last night.


Is it just the East Midlands? Because it could effect EGBB in the West Midlands…


It was mainly as the Met office only issued Ambers on the east coast but west will probably be affected


Local weather forecasts for early-morning here. This is going to cause a bit of trouble for EGNX for sure.

P.S East Midlands is not on the coast. ;)


Let’s get serious here. Amber means nothing, the winds never get that bad even when it’s predicted. 😂


Our Local police force: Nottinghamshire Police issued this warning



Storm Aileen is expected to arrive in the East Midlands at around midnight, with winds of up to 75mph until approximately 6am on Wednesday. There are also likely to be strong winds this evening across the region.

There is currently a yellow weather warning in place for wind from 8pm today until 10am tomorrow morning. There is also an amber weather warning in place between midnight and 6am on Wednesday 13 September.

Please be aware that there may be some damage to trees and disruption to roads, rail and air travel as a result of the storm. The Met Office is also warning that power cuts are expected.

For the latest weather warnings and advice, visit the Met Office’s website - https://goo.gl/VwcJvv

For road closures, visit Highways England’s website - https://goo.gl/Qh6h7k


Do they really issue warnings for rain in the UK?? I can definitely see for heavy rain, we get alerts for that too.


Have you read the topic title and description mate? If you read it you might be surprised.

Its not about rain…


I know it’s going to be a pretty bad storm, but I see a warning that’s “Yellow Rain”. Not being from the UK what are the criteria for the warnings/watches? Since it says yellow I thought it might be on a lower scale.


The key is:

Anyway, don’t stretch us too far off topic. ;)


I was referring to the east side of Britain as opposed to the west


Ooh. Heavy rain and strong wind = good sleep for me. Nice

Either way we’ve had much worse


Avoiding LonDon but not LouDon. Have fun!