Dubai Airshow 2017 | Aircraft Orders


Source Dec, 2015

Source Feb, 2017

According to these 2 documents, not much has been done to the fuel tank capacity. Also, the 787-10 weighs more than the -9 because of its length. But I do wonder if these figures have changed because these documents are old.

Which brings up the question, why is Emirates not going with -9? You get a bit of both, capacity and range.


Its newer and they can do more to the interior.


The -9 isn’t that old. The way I see it there just trying throw in more people per route.


It’s partially funded by virgin group, which has already ordered some of the type


Yes but the A350 would make more sence given there fleet renewal strategy, as well as there recent orders


I’m hoping a few orders will be made towards a 747- that plane is still awesome :)


Will Air New Zealand order the 787-10? It makes sense.


No, they seem fine with the current 787 planes they have


Perhaps a British Airways A320 NEO order is possible.


I guess we’ll see, United should order some 777Xs though, they seem like the airline for it, or maybe American, or Delta, who knows, but the 777X needs some love 😍


Yeah! Emirates is imo guarantee to buy the 77X


They already did… I think 40 of them…


They already purchased the 77X


Yeah! Singapore airlines has already ordered the 777X I think


Emirates has a massive order of 150 777Xs it includes 777-8 and 777-9 the deal was finalized at the 2013 Dubai Airshow


It is Emirates after all! 😉


If I were an airline CEO I’d wait some more time until I play around with supersonic aircraft. One of the main reasons the Concorde was brought down was because tickets were so expensive since there were so little seats. The Boom aircraft has only 55 seats, so until they can tweak the design so that there is more fuselage, I wouldn’t bite.


They don’t really need the range of the -9, because they will be receiving a 777-8X, which has a little bit more than a -9. The -10 defenatly hits the sweet spot that Emirates needs.


I’m surprised that no orders have been announced today


ALAFCO Has announced 20 new orders for the Boeing 737 MAX