Dubai Airshow 2017 | Aircraft Orders


I just read Emirates new first class will have virtual windows for the middle suites


Hmm, I don’t think that is much of a problem anymore considering Qatar is a major carrier of the A350 yet it’s temperatures are scorching during the summer.


In order to keep this thread reliable, I highly suggest you stick to confirmed/provisional and not possible orders.

If not, I’m possibly ordering 5 A320NEOs. You wouldn’t put me down for that, would you?


They have ordered 5 B787’s and 2 cargo aircraft. They stated on twitter:

How would you word it? As they did order them… Just not sure which on yet.


If you want to see just the orders they are all in the main post. I don’t see the problem in letting people discuss about potential orders.


Ahh ok, I thought this was just speculation. The current wording in this case works nicely.


Emirates did a tour of their new 777 interiors. Skip to 5:05.


I bet $100 that emriets will get the a380 plus


How dare you u airbus fan… old Airbus aircrafts should be replaced with an airbus, Boeings replaced with Boeings

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I am Boeing biased though… United already have some 787’s so I thought they should phase thier 767’s with A350’s instead to maintain balance in the fleet.


the UAL A350 ( A350-900 ) They say will replace the B777-200 but keep in mind UAL just got 777-300ER’s ( 77W ) late 2016.


The A350’s are competeing with the 777 the 767 best replacement would be Boeing’s 797 which is the best fit for the 757 as well.


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Guys please don’t become immature and turn this to an Airbus vs Boeing argument thread. This thread is for tracking the happenings of Dubai air show and not your kitty party giggles.


Here’s the range of the B787-10 that Emirates put a order in for. So the US wont be seeing them but plenty of the world will.


It is called a Concorde, there is an ‘e’ on the end of it…


i didnt realize the 787-10 had such a short range


Seeing they want East coast to London/Paris and New York by 2022, they will be buying the 777-8, whether they buy it now I don’t know. This may however be the time for them to order the 777max to replace their 778 fleet