Dubai Airshow 2017 | Aircraft Orders


just saying…the winters are really cold in middle-east and most of the storms have been to the UAE in the recent years…plus…they have a diverse routes which will help in reducing costs…


regarding the a380, it is the same fear Boeing and McDonald Douglas had at their time…but airbus just expanded the shelf life that’s it…it can never be for ever…with the 777 dominating…airbus has to step up with a 757 like competitor or a miracle single-aisle long haul aircraft to grow…


They go to cities like NYC, Paris, London where snow is common in the winter. My only complaint about the 787 family is that how cramped it is espicially in the 788, they should have a 2-4-2 formation they put it 3-3-3 formation instead. I don’t know if it will be similar in the 781 though.


it will be the same for the 78X as well just a few feet longer…unless the huge rich carrier demands the change


If thats the case then thats the one thing which A350 has a clear advantage in. The economy cabin has such ample space it’s unbelievable and feels like you are in premium economy.


The A350 would not have been suitable for Emirates considering that they plan to operate a smaller aircraft than the 777s on routes to Eastern Europe, Northeast Africa and throughout the Middle East and parts of India and Pakistan.


Yes definitely, as the direct competitor for the A350-1000 is the 77W. However they shouldn’t squeeze that extra seat on the Boeing 787 family, they probably will though considering their rival Qatar did as well.
Basically to make it simpler, the A350-1000 is a bigger aircraft than the B787-10. Yet they have the same seat layout. (Same reason why people like to fly the A380 with Emirates instead of their 777 family on economy.)

3-3-3 on B787-10 (2-4-2 is what Boeing recommends)
3-3-3 on A350-1000 (3-3-3 is what Airbus recommends)

IF Emirates had gotten the A350’s then they wouldn’t have squeezed a extra seat, so it’s good news for the Airlines and bad news for the people that will have to fly on economy on routes where they service it.


Agreed - the 9 abreast configured 787 is an airline accountants dream, yet a passengers nightmare.

For LCCs like Scott, Norwegian etc where you legitimately save money, it’s not so bad. But Emirates are expensive most of the time.

Thankfully the only routes I’m ever likely to fly to on Emirates would be LGW - SYD, and I’ll deliberately choose the A380. As for the 787s and 10 abreast 777s - no thanks!


So happy to see Emirates ordered 40 787-10’s!


dubai is in debt to abu-dhabi…so emirates will try to save money and go for cheaper options…


Emirates can’t send a aircraft smaller than the 777-300er as every flight is fully booked
If they send a 777-200LR then they would need to add more daily flights


There are some destinations which they’ll would need to add capacity profitably without sending an empty 777 and that’s where the 787-10 becomes a necessity.


Emirates B787-10

Look at that beauty


Don’t underestimate how many people you can cram into a 787-10.
If they decide to really go for it, 9 abreast and 30 or 31 inch pitch, like British Airways, along with a smaller business class, those planes will be packed.

Nothing against the plane, technically it’s a fine plane with unmatched economics. Boeing have a fine aircraft to sell.
But if they go for high density then the 10 abreast economy 777s will feel like business class compared to the 787-10.


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Dang you beat me to this post. I was gonna make one lol. Anyways here is the IG post by Emirates if you wanna see it.

> Emirates IG post on their order


Let’s hope that he new 78K will have a better business class hard product.


Qantas should order the 737max


New Concorde Type Aircraft That Has Plans of A 3 Hour Flight From NYC to London!

(Photos from “Boom Supersonic Manufactures”)


Now thats some big news there! Too early to speculate anything, however a sleek looking concorde? Yes please! The main thing I didn’t like about the old one was how ugly it looked to me.