Dreams do come true


The MD-10 is basically a upgraded DC-10(Airlines can choose whether to upgrade or not) Boeing after they bought McDonell Douglas


So the DC-10 was still being produced when Douglas merged with McDonnell, so it became the MD-10? And so originally it was the DC-10?


Zoom in on the second picture and look under the captains window.


This MD10 has FLIR on the nose. You can see the camera.


It has that hole in the nose?


Dreams do come true! I'm 13, almost 14 and have around 10 hours logged in the Cessna 150F. Sadly, the school is getting rid of it and I will be switching to a Diamond, I think the DA40.

Here is the 150

A picture taken at the airport, KHPN.

American Eagle CRJ900 Engine:)

I am trying to get my PPL on my 17th B-Day:). I hope to fly Domestic, and maybe Trans Atlantic for a major carrier one day. I'm already on my way!


Too bad, the 150 is an awesome plane to start with. It is a bit weird to start on a DA40 if you ask, it is a powerful and quite complex general aviation aircraft.


Stop making everyone jealous with your French countryside pictures. Only thing I see out of my cockpit is cornfields :(


A few pics taken from a C150 (FGAQB), and from a DR400-180 (FGFXV).


That's cool seeing a formation with a Cessna ;)


I did the same. Sadly, weather didn't corporate, so I had to do my ppl checkride two days later. Hope you get it on your birthday. No better gift imho :)


Still, that's a pretty awesome late gift:)


Agreed, sir. Agreed.


I wish i have enough money to do aviation :( expensive


Try to search for grants wherever you can. That's how I paid my PPL!


Grants as in what context sir?


Or have your parents pay for it


Well depending on where you live, there are often a few scholarships meant to help you finance you flight training.


Wow thats new to me. I didnt knew that i could get financial help for the training. Btw i live in India.


There is always a way to find financial help if you're resourceful, no matter where you live.