Dreams do come true


Never stop dreaming


All pictures were taken from a DA42 Twinstar. MD10 holding short for us.

Life Goals

Extra Bonus cookies that can guess the airport.

One of the easiest departures that is out there for a major airport.

I began my flight training in a small American Champion Aircraft 7ECA in which I got my private and tailwheel endorsement. Then the standard training in the C172 for instrument and commercial single and the DA42 for commercial multi. Today, flying SIC in a Part 135 company working closer to my R-ATP of 1000 hours, the dream as said in the title of this forum post has, and continues to come true.


That pic of the MD 10 is amazing!! Nice shot!


Here’s a few from my intro back in April 2015, How time flies haha


. Mine right now


Im in DC maaan! Take me up. :)


How far are you from gai?


Was planning to go to DC for March for life today but could seriously ill so couldn’t make it.


Me on the right (16 years old). Received my 1 bar epaulets after going solo with only 9 hours and 10 minutes airtime training.
National Record in Ireland
Dream Big Guys and Gals!


John Gerard Killeen,
Student Pilot ~ Sligo Aeronautical Club


Great job! You fit the part in that uniform.


hahaha! Thanks!


45mins exactlty.


Nice. Will shoot you a pm next time I head over there. Need to make sure my checkout hasn’t expired the 90 days. @Cpt_elpuru


Kool mate.


Anyone at kdal? Got a couple of hrs to kill. Haha


You ever fly into KMCO?


Not my current gig mate. Lots of Midwest flying.


Nice must be awesome flying keep it up :)


Thank you sir. Weather is looking good this week, so here’s to all on time arrivals and departures. Ha


Nice photos!

I thought it was the DC-10?