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That's a G430 right? We have them in the 150 and in the DA40! They're awesome.


Yup. Love the 430 :)


God I love this thread. Keep it up guys! Loving it!


Preparation of a NAV between LFOF and LFOB. Basically writing down headings, distances, an estimated time (without wind) for a leg. In the 'RADIONAV.' column, you'll find useful informations such as VOR frequencies and radio frequencies. In the airfield columns, there is a lot of data concerning the minimum altitude, the runways, the frequencies, and the clearance I need to request: 'CLARENCE 2500- TMA 5A and 4A Paris' means I need to request a descent to 2500 before leaving the class D airspace in order to avoid entering Paris airspace which is a class A and therefore forbidden to VFR flights unless cleared by ATC.


Thanks for sharing, Axel.

In the US while you cant land VFR GA aircraft's into certain airports we are still allowed to communicate with approach/center while on VFR flight following in transition to the local airport. Is that not allowed in the EU hence you descending to avoid comms with Paris?


Man Erj I'm so jealous. Always wanted to be a pilot, flew a plane before I drove a car! Got diagnosed (which I believe is a misdiagnosis) with bipolar disorder which eliminates my chances of being a private or commercial pilot. Where did you go for your certs and ratings?


I could have done that indeed but I usually get handed off to LFOB approach right after leaving LFOE airspace so there is no point for me to contact Paris ACCs. Beauvais (LFOB) controllers are working along with Paris center controllers in order to keep us clear of conflicts.

Descending to 2500 straightaway is easier for me and for the ATC as they always ask VFR inbounds to remain outside the Class A. Not to mention than Paris airspace is an absolute nightmare for VFRs (very complex airspace with a lot of frequencies)...

Here is a simplified chart of Paris Airspace, the two TMA I need to avoid are 4A and 5A.

Here are the frequencies of this airspace.


sorry to hear that :( You should consult with an AME. I know pilots that were legally deaf still flew in the GA world. Especially if its your dream, use all available resources to make it happen.

I got my PPL when i was 17 at a local FBO
The rest (Multi, Inst, Comm(multi/single), CFI, MEI and CFII were from Airline Transport Professionals


oh okay, i get it now. thanks for the explanation :)


That's where I was going to go for my training. They just opened up a new school near KPDX which is where I live. I'm in the process of trying to find a psychiatrist that could rule out my diagnosis. I feel kind of dumb for asking, but what is an AME?


You're welcome man, I'm glad I was clear enough! Paris airspace can be pretty confusing even when you're used to it so I preferred to go for the long explanation haha.

That being said here is a DR400-120 flying over France.


yea, they are a good option, but if you decide to go on their fast paced prog which is cheaper, expect to have no life besides studying for about 6 hrs a day and flying anywhere from 2-4 hrs a day. Its an everyday thing. No weekends or days off! a decent amount of people from my class dropped out or went self pace.

AME = Aviation Med Examiner :)


This is. By far one I'd the cool,est threads I have seen


I'm use to that though, I work 6 to 7 days a week. Except lately, dealing with a rotator cuff injury. Did you use sallie mae to help with the cost? Ends up being like 70 grand lol


Then you would fit for the that pace.

unfortunately, yes!!! Argh!

I consolidated it asap as soon as i got a cfi job. Just that name alone pisses me off!!

On the bright side is that you will be done in 4 months and can start paying off that loan asap. Now they also have tution rembursment which i didnt have the option for. Also you and interview with the regionals right after your Inst cert. IF all goes well they will send you off with a letter of intent to hire you as soon as you hit 1500tt. I would also consolidated it asap with another bank once you get a job. Sure beat going to ERAU and be 200k in debt :P


Any advice on how to find an AME? This has definitely started to motivate me again, I appreciate it. Rather try and get in when I'm 24 and not 35, or even never! Thanks for the advice bud.


I had a dream that a QF 747 landed at Canberra due to an engine failure, then a few days later (in real life) - QF747 landed at Canberra due to the storms in Sydney



that should be where you start. Start with a 2nd class medical.

Anytime. Feel free to pm me also if you ever have any questions. If i dont know know the ans, i will try and direct you in right direction.

You are never too late to get into aviation. I know a few guys who got into it in their 40s. So you are well ahead of the game :)


You should be the assigned psychic of the IF community :) i'd vote for ya


sure. many people make it a hobby.