Dreams do come true


long time. Hope all is well.


All is well... working hard as per the summer season how about yourself?


Kinda jealous of that English Channel pic.

Busy. Busy. Livin the dream in as an RJscum. ha. Off for the next few days, so catching up with Game Of Thrones. haha.


Don't downplay your position I miss being proficient in an airplane


Guys and Gals meet Olivia my 13 year old student. She is a rare student where flying comes super easy to her. She has logged approx 17 hrs and she can land the plane all by herself (with my supervision obviously) on 25 x 2000ft rwy at that!

Further proof that you are never too early to start flying.

This is a picture her mom took of her landing.

Dream big and chase it :)


I have flown several hours on the PA-28 G-SNUZ with Freedom Aviation Ltd. at Cotswold Airport. That's me in the Left Seat!


nice mate! Keep it up!


nice try ;)

@anon93380253 :D


thats already been established


I've loved aviation for most of my life, and I've been considering starting flying lessons. It's something I've always wanted to pursue. I went for a ride in an open cockpit biplane today, and that further reinforced my desire to do it. It's a huge commitment, but getting my PPL is something that would mean a lot to me.


thats great!! keep pushing! you got this!

Set a goal and chase it!!


Some VFR flying to motivate those wanting to get their PPL. I personally got a few grants from the DGAC (french FAA) which helped me considerably (roughly 2000/2500€). I paid the rest on my own, which means I basically did every jobs I could do (lawn mowing, babysitting, house cleaning, ramp work...).
It's easy but it's doable with dedication.

I'm now studying in order to get a CPL. With some distance, I assume getting my PPL considerably helped to get started with aviation. It just brings so many opportunities. It enabled me to join a great flight school, to meet countless amazing people and obviously to fly. If aviation brings happiness to your life, go get your PPL.


great shots mate :)


These are stunning photos guys!


Thanks man. I have a ton of other pictures from my flights but I'll post them a bit later. :)


Post away as you wish :)


Two approaches with the good old Cessna.

Some DA40 flying:


I have yet to fly a da 40. Which one do you like better?


Eh they are both different birds.

The DA40 flies far and fast and is well equipped (trim switches on the yoke, rather well designed cockpit), it's IFR rated and it's got a good A/P. The engine is amazing too. The only drawback I think of is the seats (you can not adjust their position and they're not very comfortable, especially during long trips).
The Diamond is also a real pig to land. Idle too early and you're landing quite firmly, idle too late and you won't be able to land it.

Meanwhile the C150 offers a cooler ride, you don't have much things to look after. The cockpit is well designed and offers a great forward visibility which is interesting when searching for traffics. The full anagogic cockpit looks great to me. And last but not least, our long range C150 has two huge 72L tanks which allow it to fly for 6H (roughly 1100km). As everyone knows, the C150 is quite easy to fly and is quite forgiving. Smooth landings are easy. Obviously the 150 is an old bird and just cannot compete with the DA40 performances. It climbs slowly, flies slowly and the seats are rather uncomfortable if you don't take a cushion.

So I couldn't say which one is my favorite, it depends whether I'm planning to do a flight during which I expect a heavy workload (DA40) or a cool flight during which I want to actually fly the aircraft and get back to basics.


Two cool little waypoints while flying today.