Dreams do come true


Good detective work Lauren's, I too agree.


"Ukraina" or better Ukrayina, is Ukrainian for Ukraine :P


Why they dont use A332 Then lol. And I Think You're Very smart on Aircrafts and Routes ;)


It's depends on the sim mate. But for fundamentals it will be good to get on that


Appalachian Trail over Virginia


Beautiful. Can't wait to get a ride you with once...


Is KDFW a steep descent airport or something? The only time I was ever made really uncomfortable on a commercial flight was on a red-eye coming in to KDFW. Our descent was radically steep (I'm a GA pilot) and I was gripped to the window while everyone else was asleep. I asked the pilots and they just said "expedited descent". Felt more like a ditch!


No, sir. It's just a very very busy airport. I would put it 2nd on the list of airports I fly to. I've had to do multiple expedited decents to make in our slot. If you are not on your A game you will keep getting pushed back during rush or incoming and outgoing aircrafts. Which means lots of atc instructions of keep speed below x and decent to x To keep separation.

Hope that helps :)



Beautiful!! What aircraft is that?


A very small one that is located in IF....😉


Very nice, you have a private? Or commercial?


AIrline transport pilot (ATP)


Cool. Same question we all have, do you ever fly into KJFK? Or LGA?


JFK very seldom LGA in the past with previous employer, I have to admit I do miss the visual to 31 and 13 however I like crossing oceans better 😉


Dream plane right here. Sydney to Lax?


Brisbane to Dallas....


When waking up at 4am is worth it :)



Love days lIke this.... English Channel was gleaming