Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I’ve been making com. ones for weeks! Also, from the poll, LEVEL 788!


To show off my very decent talent, I’ve made a UPS 777F!


This will never happen unfortunately. Etihad no longer have the A340-500. They also retired all of their A340-600s.


They are inefficient, and with a massive order of 787s and the other dual jets, it isn’t logical to have them around.


Bauhinia Air 747-100 (Deluxe Liner)

The Boeing 747-100 is the founder of long-haul travel for Bauhinia Air. The airplane was considered a luxury, equipped with throne seats in First Class, an onboard bar on the upper level and onboard entertainment performed by the cabin crew. The 747-100 was introduced in 1971 and stayed in service until 1997 when the last 5 were replaced by A330-200s. When retired the planes were flying routes such as HKG - London, Paris, Rome and Milan.


PRIVRIR A340-600 (Deluxe Liner)
Onboard Spa, Bedrooms, Bar, Restaurant, Chill Area. All First Class seats. HUB Paris.

(Made Up Airline)
@zachowry nice plane!!


I’m not sure if it is adequate to request something here, but…
okay, stopping justifying my message right now.
Could anyone do a L-1011 Tristar, but in a new Aircalin livery?
I’m probably cheating, but, also, can someone make a B727 in a Transaero livery? The one before their rebranding?


It’s not cheating and it’s perfectly adequate to request something. :) I will have a go for u


Could you send me a picture of the transero livery you want.


Here it is.


I don’t know if this is too hard or unrelated but can someone make a 747-400 with the winglets or the split scimitars or whatever they’re called of a 737-MAX please!


@N644US Can you do a Eurowings Q400 please?


I can try to do it by the end of the week


I know I’m not as good as @N644US, but I gave your dash-8 a shot anyway:

Template credit Norebbo.

Let me know of any planes/liveries you want done down below!


delta 737max and a320neo


@Air_New_Zealand08, I present to you ‘sharky’:

Edit: This just popped into my head (it’s got one of those ‘shark’ nose cones like on fighter planes):

Templates credit Norebbo.

I’m happy to take almost any plane/livery requests, fire away down below!


Can anyone make a Plane & Pilot Events livery on the B787-10? Just think it would be cool to see what it might look like. Thanks! :)


Emirates 787-10


delta /NWA history livery 747


Are you the same designer from Instagram?

If so, Welcome to the IFC! I hope you enjoy your stay. Nice Edit btw! 😉😉