Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Does anone else get this


Forgot link


Yes. It’s been a while now since Photobucket decided to eff everyone up without prior notice.


This should become a reality in 2 to 3 years.
Looks much better than my 747-8i with the messed up colours here: Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


If you have templates from it can you send me them


You can download them from here, but you need to create an account first. Takes less than 2 minutes.


I decided to redo the 747-8i in Etihad livery as I really wasn’t comfortable with my last attempt, which you can see here: Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I reliance its not high quality but best i can currently do. It is a FedEx Antonov AN_225


This took a little while: UPS ATR-72!


I really need to learn how to make these. I have photoshop. Anybody got tutorials on these?

You’ll need an account to use these though. You can also use Norebbo or JetAbout as alternatives too as they don’t require an account!


A<350 House “Love A350” livery!


Ice downloaded an art app on my phone! Here’s my first attempt! 47

It’s horrible comparing it to my other creations but it’s a start! 😁

  • British Airways A340
  • Blue Air 737
  • Flybe Embraer 190
  • Private Cessna Citation X
  • A320 Air France
  • 747-8 Cargolux

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Mr Poll Guy!



I’m not proud of it but, as there was an exciting F1 race last night I thought it would be fitting to make an F1 livery


Can anyone try an Etihad 787-9 in F1 colors like the A340 in the game?


Sir pollio the ∞th!

  • LEVEL 787-8
  • British Airways A330
  • Air New Zealand Bombardier Q400
  • Allep Airlines A330

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There! Technical difficulties! 😂


So like the old livery? Is that what you mean?


Nope, the formula one livery like the one in the Etihad A340 in the sim.


This one? images (1)
It looks epic BTW!