Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


nice! stealing my work is a great thing! 100% efforts on the Copy/Paste work!


Could it happen?!


I flagged it for you😉 Hope that helps


Provided BA has orders for the A350-1000, I would say, yes, very likely.


Lufty 787-10! One of my most proudest creations!


For my first design, I sort of like it!


Quite simple but has nice colours, I like it 👍


While you guys are designing new plane liveries… Im make new Hot Air Balloon ones! :P

Show off the coolest Hot Air Balloon that you can make (Remember that they are part of aviation to) :)

Link To Site:


Was used for my Airline Empire account a lot of times. Now that I stopped using it, I guess it’d be ok posting it here :)


That’s awesome, I’ll try one ;)


oo shiny,

wish United did have freighter service…


I’ve been working hard(?) to make you guys some planes!
Let’s begin with my first computer made Scotsair plane!

Next, an American Airlines new livery 707!

Next, a Pan Am 747!

And finally, my contribution for this months FLEET!


A330/A340 Fleet

Airbus A330-200 (20 in fleet)

Airbus A340-300E (6 in fleet)


How about a Bauhinia Air 787-10?


Retro livery of Air NZ on a 787!


Or perhaps this is the retro livery you want?


@Captain_Ed I’m really sort but as I said I was trying to show how good it was to everyone. Should of checked. I wouldn’t mean to do something bad like that but the last is in the past! 🙂 @Air_New_Zealand08 nice plane. Any requests leave them bellow


KLM A380! In my head, KLM would suit the A380!


I can do that for you.


Here is the outcome… I really don’t like the 787-10 so there is a very small chance that Bauhinia Air will order them.