Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Hello everybody! I hope is having a wonderful day

I am here with a request.

Can someone do a a350-900 & a350-1000 in both liveries? If so, I thank you very much!


I will in a bit. I’m busy


@aviationex_91190 I can have a go! it might take a bit longer than usual but it will be done by tomorrow


@United-Express could you make me a Monarch A320?


@IFGP_GROUP-Lewis ok it will probably be done by Tomorrow at the latest


Another airline of mine, Bauhinia Air. Based in Hong Kong Chep Lak Kok, serving over 100 destinations with a fleet of over 100 Aircraft.

First off our A320-200 fleet:

A320-200 Normal Livery (20 in the fleet). Operated by HK Connect

A320-200 Celebratory 100th Aircraft livery. Operated by HK Connect


Nice work!!!, forget the bottom one although it’s better than what I could do


Easy Jet A319 orange carrot livery thanks very much to @HockeyMan06


This is for you knock off brand fans!


Can someone show what a plane looks like when using procreate so I can see how it looks to buy the app?


Can someone make a Monarch 787-9?


I can try it. Expect it to be ready in 10-30 minutes


Ok cool thanks! 😃 .


Here you go @Air_New_Zealand08


Do you have procreate if you do can you show me how a plane looks like when using the app


@Kizzair Here’s your Kenya Airways A320:

I’m sorry that the tail isn’t of my usual quality – I had trouble trying to make the tail from scratch.

@Wallacy Here’s your TAM A350. For my first TAM livery, I’d say it’s not bad.


No I do not have Procreate


It seemed you were trying to say the picture was your own ;)


Introducing China Wings!


Frankly, I’m not too happy with this one, but oh well. BA Q300!