Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


The lines on the tail aren’t very straight but good job.


Yes I have found a method now to do straight !


Oh sorry ^^ I thank you want I do livery…


Its not perfect, but I hope its decent. I couldn’t get the font small enough for the registration so all I could do is put the flags.


very good… I forgot the logo on engine…


It looks pretty decent to my eyes! Some stuff I would change on it would be the logo that is fairly bigger and starts at the third window from the left, the logo on the engine is a bit higher and is a bit higher than the middle of the engine and finally, maybe you could’ve tried to put a little curve where the white intersection is on the tail. All in all, it’s a fancy looking plane! Great work!

Source: Total Croatia News @aviationex_91190


I designed it from the a330 so, I couldn’t tell the difference.


Ok thanks for the information.


Iberia Airlines B767-300ER RR engines
Livery created by myself and template provided by Medviation.


Lufthasna B737-100 Retro Livery
Livery created by myself and template provided by Medviation.



Iberia Express A319neo

Livery done by myself
Template by The777fan


Austrian B767-300ER

Livery done by myself.
Template by Med.


If Alaska and Southwest merged (hopefully never), I wondered if their livery would look like the More To Love A321NEO? So, I created my own.

I agree that some changes could be made, but right now I’m happy the quality is at least decent. By the Way, if you are looking for a site to download logos (If you didn’t know), I found one. It doesn’t have all airline logos, but a lot of the popular ones are there.


That’s actually really cool. I really like that haha! Maybe Alaska could switch places with Southwest though, so the Alaska logo could be on the tail and the Southwest heart could be on the front. Good job though!
Edit : maybe there could be multiple planes, some with Southwest on the front and some with Alaska up front. Either way it’s really cool!


So would southwest or Alaska be the dominant airline? I suppose southwest hence the heart on the tail. By the way Alaska’s A321neos are registered N***VA since they were orders made by Virgin America.


Well, its a decision they will never make because a Southwest merger with Alaska would be very unlikely.


Changed it, Check again. 👍


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Could someone make me a prime air fleet and some a330 neos in some surprise liveries😁😉