Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint

#9451 is not available for Mac. I recommend GIMP if you’re not using a Windows computer.


Yeah GIMP must work too, thanks for the information and I’m pretty much sure Paint works for Mac.


Hey ! look at my Joon A330-300 !
I did a b737-8Max of Hop! too !


do you have GIMP on Mac© ?


Text should be larger, incorrect font for the Spirit of Australia, Oneworld logo’s in the incorrect place and should be smaller, the grey stripe should be bigger and lighter, and the kangaroo should be larger.


Beautiful Joonie (as I call them)! It would be nice to see A330s but I guess Joon aimed for the A350. Great work!


Where’d you get your logo? It looks very blurry.


I will do it ! I love the A350 too… 900 or 1000


on google image… do you want a link ?


Little information, they ordered a lot of A350-900s. c:


it’s a 737-8 don’t found 9


Yes I saw it on Airways…


Is it supposed to be a special livery because the tip of their tail is yellow?


Your useing the previews not the .psd file


lol sorry I’m Daltonien (it’s a French word because I’m a Parisian)


I don’t undersant this question ^^ sorry my English is bad but I don’t use .psd file


Cela veut dire que vous utilisiez des “avant premières” au lieu d’un fichier Photoshop (.PSD). Juste pour future référence, la queue de l’Iberia est jaune. (cela n’est pas une critique, je le vous dit juste). :)


I don’t know what is previews XDD Non je sais merci de me l’avoir signalé c’est important :-)


Any requests? I still have time for one or two.
(In French: il y a t-il des demandes pour que je fasse un avion? J’ais encore le temps pour un ou deux)


Yes ! I started this repaint type one day ago so I can’t do a hard livery ^^