Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Looks great Olly! I love it!


Thank you very much!


N844MH Delta B767-400 in the Skyteam livery.

Livery done by myself.
Template by Med.


Oh my goodness, love the turtles and the fish! Wonderful work and it looks exactly as I imagined it. I also really like the slogan. xd Great work!


Thought about it. Thought it would look better AT front SW back. Thanks


My first Concept using Photoshop, and thanks to @the777fan for helping me.


I’m going to be doing a LOT of designs now.


Oh god no.
That’s very uneconomical, that’s unpleasant to your eye.
Just no.


Just messing around trying to improve my skills. On a side note, southwest is very hard to do. I’m just happy the Cathay is not a real livery.


Not trying to be mean, but if you’re trying to improve your skillls, make something like China Eastern
Even the Cathay new livery is pretty easy to make.
This though…


If you want to improve in finite details I suggest China Southern’s standard livery, or maybe even try their 787, though special liveries are obviously harder and take a lot more patience. Especially when your close to done, you have to maintain a standard of patience and make sure everything is in check. Analyze real aircraft for location of details, things like that.


@the777fan @Jerry_Chen How’s This?


The ‘China Eastern’ could be moved up to maybe the first window before the L2 door, same goes with the chinese text, it can be moved back. You also forgot the skyteam logo in front of the L1 door and a smaller one to the right of it. The China Eastern logo on the tail could also be bigger. “Boeing 787-9” in the Boeing font in a very light gray is on the bottom left of the L1 door and the engines are also gray. Sorry if I seem nit picky, but attention to detail is what makes a livery good. Even if it’s a concept, details that are on the existing livery still count to concepts. I would also add the “Dream(liner” logo somewhere, but you don’t have to as some operators don’t have it either. Also use images of real aircraft that are similar to the aircraft to get a sense of where everything belongs, for example, I used a CES 77W to point out these things.


Thanks for the advice! Hope I can raise my quality higher one day, but practice makes perfect.


That’s not bad! I love it!


Any requests? I have quite a lot of time on my hands.


How about… an Iberia 767-300ER with winglets and RR engines or an Iberia B737-9 Max?


Tried the 737-9 out and that’s how it turned out. Attempted to replicate the Iberia Express with the old livery. :P


Does anyone knows how to make a Airplane on a mac computer?


Hey there @Mateo_Lannaman ! Although I don’t use Macs, I’m sure that there are plenty of ways to make an aircraft with it. First step is to choose a template from the websites the OP left at the very top of the thread. Next you need a photo editing software such as Photoshop, Paint or Paint.Net. I personally use Photoshop as offers a lot of professional features to edit photos, but if you would like a free application, pick Paint. Then once you’ve downloaded the application(s), you can place the template in there and let your imagination and creativity run wild!

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