Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


No problem I thought I’d do this livery as I’ve never done a skyteam livery before.


Any requests from anybody?


Thanks man, appreciate it.


Olly you wanna take the Air France request? I don’t think I’m going to have time tonight.


What about the Monarch Cook A321? If you can do it.


I’ll have a go after the B777-300.


Ok no problem its all up to what ever you want to do.


What about an A321NEO, I might be able to do that


Cheers man, have fun making it! c:


Ok, what about a China Southern A321NEO?


Or you can send me the A321 psd via PM. Dropbox doesn’t work in China…


Ok no problem I will.


How do yo create your livery on AE?


Can you tell me how to get the template and how to use them to make a livery?


Special delivery for you


Oh wow thats very nice.


Here is N787RR the Rolls Royce flying test bed for the Trent 1000 engines.

Livery done by myself.
RR Trent 1000 replacement done my myself.
RR Trent 1000 from B787 Template by Med.
B747-200 Template by Med.


This is fantastic @HEYEY have you thought about making this in reverse order SW in the front AT in the back?

Also if anyone is is interested I have always wondered what the original SW Desert Gold livery would look like on other Aircraft then the 737…


Does anyone have a request for a livery they want to see? Expect it later today or tomorrow.


Air France B777-300ER ‘Holiday’ livery.

Livery created by myself and template provided by Medviation.