Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Are we long lost brothers?
Based on the fact that you’re typing right now, are you in China now?
Also PM.


Everybody claims that the Air China livery is dated but in my opinion, it looks really smart? I think a grey belly looks great on any plane!


It’s more the gray/blue combo and it’s alternatiom in rows. Like Sichuan’s regular livery or China Eastern’s old livery.


Virgin Atlantic’s first ever B747

Livery done by myself
Template by Med.


Oh that’s awesome, we got another Chinese on this thread.
What do you want? A request?
You can type Chinese if you have to.
Also I’m pretty sure the pictures are copyrighted.


Little “Wave by Air France” I created and designed.
Type: Airbus A318/I’ll take on challenges if anybody wants.

Regarding the thread, very kind of you Skylines and nice planes!
Kind regards,


@Jerry_Chen What do you think, here is B-8976 China Eastern A321SL in the Skyteam livery.

Livery done by myself
Also my first Skyteam livery
Template by Med.


Hey man! Really nice design, but one thing I noticed is that I don’t think they put the logo of the plane on the tail. Otherwise, really nice plane, keep it up! @JAYLAF747

Kind Regards,
Cptn Luke.


No China Eastern do put their logo on the tail. Here is the real aircraft

Photo from JetPhotos. Oh yeah thanks @CptnLuke


Wow! That’s stunning! Amazing job!


In IF or like design? What Aircraft


Thank you! started from scratch. SWA liveries are hard!


No problem! It looks like it was very difficult to make but the final product is amazing!


I must agree that Jerry_Chen did an amazing job on that livery. Maybe try an Air France vacation livery? (if you want too xd) @Jerry_Chen




Thanks guys, appreciate it.
In the mean time, requests?
I’m taking one, besides from the Chongqing airlines one.


When you get the time, maybe try to make an Air France (777-300ER) if not you can choose but maybe with a bit some sand near the back of the tail and ocean filling the front of it. Let your creativity run wild!


It will be an A350. You basically want me to translate the Wave by AF livery to meds’ template, right?


Haha glad you thought about me. That’s actually great, good job!


Not necessarily, just a basic AF if you’re up but yeah, do what you want to do. c: And A350 is fine too so do as you wish! c: