Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Hey guys sorry for not making any liveries in a while, here is an Olympic 727 Super 27

Templates by med
Livery design by me.


Just got Photoshop CS6 is there any tips you guys have for using Photoshop.


Sorry it took so long, here’s your Jetstar A350-941


Olympic Air A330-200F


I love these Olympic liveries! They look great!
You’re getting better at the registration and the flag too, not making them so large but just large enough to be seen. You have definitely made improvements. Keep it up!


Thanks a lot! I’ve been trying to improve ever since I made my first livery!


I haven’t noticed until now, but I would maybe suggest flipping the Olympic rings on the tail the other way since it’s supposed to be the three rings on top and two on the bottom. The Greek flag could also maybe be more rectangular, but overall you are improving!


Thanks for your suggestions! I will try these ideas in the next one! Thanks!


I dont mean to be a pedant but the reason Olympic use the 6 ring logo as their logo is due to the fact that the 5 ring one is copyrighted, so i dont see how they would be able to start using it now. Great liveries though, reminds me a bit of Pan-Am!


Thanks! I just used what I could find, it’s my custom livery design so I didn’t intend to try and emulate the original! Thanks for your advice!


Could anybody with Adobe Photoshop CC show me how to get the E-175 with the new winglets?


First you want to obviously open the template.

Then make the ‘Enhanced Winglet’ folder in the Layers sidebar visible.

Lastly, you can delete or make the ‘Standard winglet’ invisible.


Favorite one so far!


Southwest Lone Star One


Southwest Beats livery


Alright, this livery actually took me the whole day, but I took breaks. However the total time I worked on this beat my ANA BB8 777-300ER. I took four hours and 51 minutes, 40 whole minutes more than BB8. Anyways lo and behold, I present you Sichuan Airlines’ first A350 B-301D:

I also made Air China’s first A350. For those who didn’t know these aircraft had been sitting at Toulouse for months because just recently the A350 became a certified type in China. With that deliveries were able to commence.


I was about to make them!!! I’m from China, I get the right to make Chinese airliners!
Jk great job.


I’m chinese lol, does that count.


Wait what?
Wow, that’s crazy!


Yah, my last name is Chan.