Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Can you make me a jetstar a350-900
Just to keep you occupied😀👍


Thank you very much!


Yes it is very difficult especially if you’ve just started. I’ve been doing mine for a long time bit never post them because they look bad.


I just installed Photoshop CC, does anybody have any tutorials?


Well the basics: what I do to keep organized is make groups over the tail and fuselage layers especially if doing a livery with complex features. Explore different tools and there’s always many tutorials online.


MASkargo A330-200F

Livery done by myself.
Template by Med.


If anyone wants a request, I will take one, and do it today.


How about a Monarch CS300/A220-300.


Will do. Expect it in a bit


American Airlines 737-800



Hi guys. I’m back for 3 requests. Pm me if ur interested.

#9356 is like the JetBlue of China. But unlike JetBlue, their livery is terrible.
That’s why I designed one for them!

This is their actual livery BTW.


It’s China, you really can’t expect much. Sichuan’s mismatched nose, China Eastern’s old livery was dated, Air China’s livery is dated. Decent lens would be China Southern’s 787, the HNA Group airlines.


Ironically, WestAir is part of HNA group


Oof, I forgot lmao. I remember listing off HNA Group airlines.


Hey mate howza jetstar a350 goin


What do you guys think? Trying out something new. I need opinions!

Southwest Airtran Special Livery


Sorry, I had seemed to be busy all day. I can try to get it done by later today :d


That look great! They should change their livery to that!