Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Nice job! It looks really good!


Here, you need an Airline Empires account though to veiw them, and Dropbox to download!


The first post of that thread is Med’s templates, and Edge’s and other user created templates (including mine :P shameless plug) are under in the second post.


Yep, I use them all the time! Their great, your templates are great too!


I can see a lot of improvemenr going into these, but next time, consider getting out of the “Big Text in the middle of the plane” concept. Try doing some real airline livery first, and then move on to your own design.


The second one looks more like a Wallabies Rugby livery, no offence


Yeah I get that it wasn’t my best one I created…


Somethings fishy here

(Or is it just me)


I don’t know what all of that is about. It’s clutter, and it is definitely fishy.


Yeah, something does seem to be a little fishy.


That’s eyerape


Can somebody make ma an Amazon prime air fleet of all boing and all Airbus aircraft as well as as many antonov aircraft as possible. I know it’s a lot to ask.


My first Time making a livery the correct way…
I was able to figure out how to do it after a little while but not without the help from @SkysTheLimit87 , @Goran12 , @the777fan and @MrMrMan


That, is awesome.
See, you can do it!
Compare this one to your initial Qantas livery (that I ranted about, sorry about that)


Virgin Australia cargo


Wow, thats pretty good.


KLM Retro DC-10
Livery created by myself and template provided by Medviation.


Qantas B747-400

Livery by me.
Template by Med.


Jettime B737-400 Freighter.

Livery by me.
Template by Boeing Flight Simmer.


My favorite part of the plane is the tail.

I think that you know why. 😉😐