Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Its the MD-11 House Colors


You don’t have to say there terrible becaeyse at least he try’s to make a livery.


Air Astana B757-200

Livery by Me.
Template by Med.


Any requests? Sorry I couldn’t get around to the SAS 77W, it was a bit tricky finding the right logos.


I remade it. The GE 747 testbed. Now this time, better quality, more real, and
A GE9X engine.


Oh, nice!! Exited to see it!


To be fair, he is right. Those programs don’t do much in terms of design. SketchBook is a great free alternative but Pixelmator is the best for mobile devices, and Photoshop is the best for a computer.


Wow nice job!!! It looks great!


Mahalo, a Hawaiian low cost subsidiary flying to cities on the west coast of the US with their fleet of 737 Max 7s, flying to cities with no service here, like Burbank!

Template by Edge.


I love the flowers! Looks great as always :)


Thanks!! I like the flower too :)


Airbus Long Haul cabin tester, for developing new cabins for the A350, A330 and A380!

As always, templates by med.


No offence, but it looks like you’ve slapped on the American flag and text. The first bit of flowers looks okay, maybe fill the fuselage from bottom to top. The font isn’t the best, try something more classy. The flag should be next the the reg and smaller and the flowers are a little old-fashioned and don’t go with the theme.


Thanks for the advice! I’ll take it into consideration next time!


could somebody give me a link as to where to find these “med” and “edge” templates, as i have not been able too find them on my own. Thanks!



Livery by Me.
Template by Med.


I will take a request for any 737 variant


How about an American B737-800 in bare metal with Oneworld stickers?


I’m not doing a chrome one world livery as I hate it with passion. I will any other AA livery though


Ok fine, how about the AA new livery with oneworld stickers?