Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Did you download the PSD file? It appears you drew everything over the template, not on it.


I don’t understand.
I’m on ios so it makes it incredibly hard.


Well, what program are you using?


Photoshop mix ios. And adobe draw


That explains it. Photoshop Mix and Adobe Draw are both terrible programs for livery design. If you can afford it, I’d suggest Pixelmator if you don’t have access to a computer.


What about Sketchbook for iOS? Isn’t that pretty good? It’s what @SkysTheLimit87 uses and he makes amazing works


That is what I use! It’s pretty good! If you have Photoshop on the PC though, i would use that instead!


It’ll do the job, but there are still a few errors seen that are to blame on the relative lack of features.


Ah, okay. Makes sense :)
I’d definitely use photoshop if it weren’t so expensive lol


I do have photoshop, but most of the time I’m away from my computer so I have to use my iPad :/


My only problem is that withe the one that isn’t transparent I can’t put writing behind the wing and I can’t get the logo on the tail behind the elevators and I can’t give the winglets Colour. Well I should say problems…


You have to have the color you want under the layer you want it on


How… I started with a plain photo this was it


BlueAir 737-724


The layers inside of the app you use


Wow great job! So great!


Looks great Matt! Good job!


Autodesk sketchbook is what I used on my AE gallery. It works, but not AS well as Pixelmator. At least it understands PSD files and their layers


B-2173 is a legend. This MD-11 attempted the first successful emergency landing of CAAC in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport after its front landing gear was jammed after takeoff.


Can someone give me the template for the 737-800x please