Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


No problem! I really value your support!!! I just want to make the community a good place! :D


Cargolux B747-8F

Livery by Me.
Template by Med.


Air Canada L1011-1 TriStar.

Livery by Me.
Template by Med.


Perfect! Nice job! This looks great!


Wow, amazing job, like all of your other liveries!


I love the Tri-Star😍 such an amazing plane.


The Antarctic Resarch 732, am ex Olympic plane, you can see the faded logo and registration in the aircraft, this aircraft mostly flies between the bottom of South America and some Antarctic bases, and continues to the middle after a quick stop to gas up! Templates by med.


something im working on


Nice! The IF private livery I assume?


Red curve is messed up. Should be parallel to the blue one, and the curve going from the tail to the fuselage shouldn’t transition so abruptly.


I really like this. You keep putting out really good work. Keep it up!


Thanks! You should try making liveries! Would love to see your work! I will keep making work because it’s so fun!


I tried once, it didn’t turn out well. What programs do you use?


SketchBook and google, I put the Med templates into the app and add images and vector images into the livery :)


Oh, okay. I tried sketchbook and the text feature is really weird for me. I’ll have to try again :)


Yeah, I don’t like some things about sketchbook, but it’s great for what it does, some things trigger me though WHY CAN I NOT CHANGE TEXT AFTER I CLICK “DONE” but it’s free, so I must settle for its issues


Yeah. Maybe we could work together and make multiple aircrafts with the same livery, who knows :)


Maybe, that would be super fun!


Virgin Australia a350-900


Nice job! I like it!