Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Yes!! Lets restore this topic!


Hi, where did you get the template for the aircraft? Thanks


Where is this template from?


I created these a while ago and I sadly do not remember. Sorry!


Thanks anyway for your help :)


B757-200 BCF Ex-First Choice Airline


Stupid PS trial ran out so I cant make anymore content… Im trying to use GIMP but the transition is really annoying and painful


Hey! How do you get on to medviation. Is it possible for you to send a link? Cheers


easyJet A319-200 anybody?


Sure you can do it. (new livery please @ollywhxte)


Can’t be bothered right now, lol. Will later.


Can I bother you some more by asking you to make a BA 747-8i 😅? I would really like to see how this plane would come out as if it actually existed. Thank you!


I will try. Back to you in an hour or so. Thanks!


Can someone make me a delta airlines/ northwest Boeing 747 400 please I would really appreciate it thanks


I just had one on hand @Avgeekproductions


What about a British Airways A330-300 or A350-1000?



Thankssss! Looks amazing!


Anyone up for a primera air 737-900? Im just intruiged what it would look like.


A true Masterpiece:

Template: Med
Livery: Me

This took me 4 hours to do I hope it looks good. I think it does.

I understand it may be a little pixelated, but the only way to do it would make it pixelated.