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Template: Med
Livery Design: Me
A350xwb-900F template modified by me

Fun fact, Airbus did plan an A350F quite interesting if you ask me!


Embraer E190 Nordic Regional Airlines (NORRA).
NORRA operates E190 with Finnair livery.
Credits on Image.


@Daniel14 can you send me the A350F template?


Of course! let me get the link from my dropbox

@Davi_William_Pereira here you go:

Have fun!


Airbus A350-900F Amazon Prime Air.
Big thanks to @Daniel14 for the template.


That looks like the 190 or 195 just saying


Template: Med

Livery Design: Me


Air Canada B737-8 Max
Livery by myself and template by Medviation!


Air Transat A320NEO in the new livery!
Livery by myself and template by Medviation!


Iberia Regional CRJ-700!
Livery by myself and template by Medviation!


Iberia Express A321NEO
Livery by myself and template by Medviation!


Level A340-500
Livery by myself and template by Medviation!


Forestair (Usually styled as FORESTAIR) was founded in 1936 by 2 Norwegian Brothers. They originally named the airline “Norwegian Aero Mail Services” (or NAMS for short) as that’s what the airline did. They began passenger services in 1963 as “Norwegian People Services” and it was not successful. Norwegian People Services was merged back into “NAMS” less than a year later. May 15th 1986, NAMS filed for bankruptcy. The two brothers Erik and Gjöth put all of their money into the airline. The airline recovered eventually. How did the airline get the name “Forestair”? Gjöth was walking through a Norwegian forest and got inspiration. The airline ordered 15 A350-900Fs in 2015 and received their first one in March of 2018.

Credits to @Daniel14 for providing the template


Let’s begin the pools.
What Livery i Should make in MD-11?

  • American Airlines (New Livery)
  • Finnair (New Livery)
  • Garuda Indonesia (New Livery)
  • KLM (New Livery)
  • TAM Linhas Aéreas (New Livery)
  • Swiss International (New Livery)

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MD-11 American Airlines new livery from my pool.
Sorry for the low quality tail (picked it from a Decal).
Template by Med.

Next: Finnair MD-11 with new livery.


Finnair MD-11 Again from the pool.
Template by Med.

Next: Aer Lingus A321LR


Airbus A321LR Aer Lingus.
Template by EDGE.


The new American livery really suites the MD11 imo.


If you added the candy cane split tip to that MD I’d love it!


Boeing 747-8i Varig old Livery.
Template by Med.