Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


So a while ago i made this:

then I decided to make these:


Wow so good!! I like it I’m building an Air Fix one of them


What a KLM 747-200 model


Airbus A330-900neo Afriqiyah Airways.
Credits on Image.


Airbus A340-300 Cambodia Angkor Air (100% fictional).
Credits on Image.


Nice it looks good! ❤️


Hey you’re back @aviationconcepts! 😄


Just came to check up unfortunately I see more people have left and the forum is much quieter


yeah, less then 1 per day now. It’s really slowed down


It’s so sad. 😢 …


Hope i can restart making planes


Forget my leaving post, I’m going to liven up this place first.


Boeing 777-300ER Alaska Airlines.
This is my first Real-world photoshop.
Found the blank image on google search.


Fedex super cub or atr75


What software do u use


I use Pixelmator on my iPad Pro


Can I suggest from now on when asking for a request, we use a certain format to help the creator gain as much detail as possible?


Any requests?
Please use this format -
Airline -
Aircraft -
Version of Livery -
Aditional Information -


Airbus Industries
Beluga XL
Newest livery
It is the one, that realy looks like a whale!


Beluga xl is not a template available to us