Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Air France A380 Retro Livery:

Air France A380 “80ans 80 years”

Regular Air France A380:

Template credit: Med
Livery: Me


No, I just ask for a livery…


I made some trash…

I made it kinda better


Can anyone please do a middle east airlines A350-1000 and A330neo ? Thank you :)


Boeing 777-300ER Japan Asia Airways.
Credits on Image.


It Looks Really Nice 👍


Boeing 777-9X Air New Zealand All Blacks.
Credits on Image.


I can hardly see the plane lol! 😂


Airbus A300-600 Lufthansa new Livery.
Credits on Image.


Airbus A330-900neo Air Caraibes.
Credits on Image.


British Airways Landor Livery 747-200:

Template: Med

Livery Design: Me


Russair was established during the height of WW2 to serve Soviet Soldiers. After the war ended, Russair (Known as Soviet Airlines at the time) began serving passengers all across Russia. Russair became Russair in 1976 after being called Soviet Airlines. They operated exclusively Russin planes until the mid to late 80s when they received their first 747. They began experiencing financial issues in 1997 and as the years went on, the financial struggles only got worse. In November 2001, they filled for bankruptcy. In June 2002, they were merged into Siberian Airlines. Siberian Airlines were unable to do anything with the planes they’d received from Russair. They sold the planes eventually. Russair operated 7 Il-86s, one of which experienced a hull loss in 2000.

This livery may be familiar and that’s because Siberian Airlines adopted this livery when they merged with Russair.


I am taking requests. I want somethings to do


Air Inuit 737-200
That’s what I’m working on as well. I want to see what people are capable of


Ok, will be done in a bit


Independence air A330-900
Like this:


@HockeyMan06 Varig 747-8i With old livery


I think @HockeyMan06 Is busy so @Daniel14 are U up for it?


I wish I could of, I had work to do that I forgot about. I might later


Ok, np, thanks daniel