Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Yeah I know. I’ll work on that so you might expect a second edition soon.


sorry, I forgot it! now I will not forget it anymore



Could you please make a Buta Airways E190 and E170? They are the new airline of Azerbaijan and I would love for you to make them in a diagram. Thanks!


747-300 of my fictional Iranian Airline: Iran Mehrabad Air.


and the 767-400 of the same airline.


Are you Iranian @zachowry?


No however, I live in Azerbaijan which is very close to Iran so I often see Mahan Air and Iran Air planes over me. As a British National it is a bit hard to reach Iran but I plan to visit Tehran before I leave Azerbaijan.


Here is the A321 fleet which is a part of a plan to modernise the airline. These A321-200s will fly to neighbouring countries around the Caspian Sea and into Pakistan and India.

An A321-200 in the normal livery.


An A321-200 in the Eid-e-Fitr livery.


You know you could put those pictures into one big post instead of 1 little post right…


It’s been a while IFC! I want to share this…


Photoshop or paint ?


Photoshop. It was hard to figure it out at first but it ended up working. This is a Med template too btw



Could someone make a MD-11 with the new American livery?



Can you do an AZAL 747-400 in the new livery?


Fictional Airbus A350-900 of Cambodia Angkor Air


Would you be willing to do an Allegiant Air 727? Always wondered what that would look like.