Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


I’d like something to do with sun and holidays/vacations please.


I’ll take it but on a 320


You can’t do it on med’s templates, right?


No, I can’t but why?
I can design it and someone can transfer it on to the med template.


It’s great, thanks! Could you possibly make the sun a little smaller and in the middle and a grey racoon mask please?


TWA B727-100
Template by Medviation and livery by myself.


Template by Medviation


I’ll just give you probably the most useful piece of design advice you’ll ever receive.

Design is just a series of choices and decisions that you have to make, that culminate into a final product that hopefully doesn’t suck.

So whenever you make a decision to add, delete or in any way change a design at any point in the process ask yourself three things:

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. Does this decision improve the product?
  3. Are there any better alternatives to the choice I’m about to make?


Amazing, thanks! Love it!


Oh I’ll have to note, this applies to EVERY decision you make. Everything from getting rid of SAS’s distinctive wordmark, to what color a custom designed logo is, to the actual size of a particular element to a design. Everything.

I’ll also clarify that an arbitrary reason like “Because I think it looks cool” is not a valid answer to the “Why am I doing it?” question.


Embraer 190E2 Helvetic Airways.
Credit on Image.


I Made this liverys a time back.One is real (Coming soon in Cathay Pacific fleet), other is fictional.
Credits on images


I know your not great at English but it is made not maked


I added a bigger belly the PW engines and positioned the wings properly template by med/heyhey


Geez I didn’t think the engine was that giant lol

If you have time, could you possibly make the E175 E2?


Yeah I based it of this


(Template by @aviationconcepts)

Air Canada Airbus a330-800NEO


You need to rake the wing a tad.


You’re missing the mask, and there is no rondelle on the outer side of the engine. As well, the rondelle is rather big for the tail.


United a319