Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


(Template by MED)

Inspired by FSX and FS2004, I present World Travel Airlines.


Delta airlines on the 320neo


I Redid my Westjet 737 MAX 10.
Credits on Image


Embraer E190 E2 template

Template by Med, modified by me.


You should do the E175 and E195 E2 and send them to Medviation so he can put them on the official template page.

That looks outstanding!


Med hardly ever responds you really have to push him to do it


well he could at least link the templates here or on AE, I really want to make an American Eagle and United Express E175-E2 lol


Here’s the Dropbox link:


Thanks. Could you do the E175-E2 as well? That would be awesome.


I’ll try but not now… I have tests to study for :(((
I’ll do it tomorrow



As a side note, you used LEAP engines on the E2 template, while the actual aircraft is powered by PW1000G PurePower engines, found on the A320neo template.


Oh no! I’ll try fixing that too


Alright! Thanks a lot. I bet there are others that will appreciate it in here too.


sorry, I forgot to give credit.

jetBlue E190-E2

Template by Medviation, modified by HEYEY


What would you like me to then? Advice would be appreciated!


Final Livery

Cathay Pacific 777-300

Livery: AndroidPilot
Template: med

I will no longer post liveries here but I will still be here and post every so often. I can help you with things if you want just make sure to tag me. I will be posting liveries on AE now. I will still do graphic related things on IFC.


Can someone design me a livery for a new budget airline called airanad on a B737-8MAX please? It has to look modern and vibrant! Thanks!


should there be like a logo on the tail? is there a symbol for your airline like a bird or a flag?


I don’t have a cool logo just text. :( Could you design one please? This is a British Airline btw!


do you have an idea for a logo? I can design it