Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


a330-900neo template by me and med 🙄


I Maked a Spirit Airlines A320Neo with Retro Livery.
Credits on image


Now taking suggestions for the last time in the near future as im going to switch to mainly AE. I will rarely post on IFC from now on. I will take 2 suggestions one for a 777-300 (any version) and one for a A320. I have to thank this topic for getting me interested in graphics in which I am now top in my year thanks to this.

My main gallery on AE:


It will be sad to see you go! Why don’t you make an Iberia CRJ-900 in a special Ibiza livery?


Boeing 737-600 Scandinavian Airlines System
Template by Medviation and livery by myself.


Cathay Pacific work?


I decided to update the SAS livery!

Boeing 737-800 Scandinavian Airlines System Concept Livery
Template by Medviation and livery by myself.


I still prefer the current one. Great job though. Maybe change the text


You replaced the most iconic part of SAS’s minimalist brand, and kept all the other dull bits of that minimalism. Why?


I Maked two south american fictional liverys airplanes.
Credits on images.


I’m pretty sure that TAM used to be a real airline…


He said fictional airliners


Which is why I said that TAM is a real airline…
And both the A330-900NEO and 777-8X are real concept aircraft.


Sorry.My English is Terrible


No need to say that if you understand what’s going on.


Does anyone have a quick request for an A320neo or 737 MAX 8?


Opposites, Frontier MAX and Southwest NEO


(Template by Med)

Its not as good as everyone else, but I’m improving.


Air Italy B38M please


Please Hellenic Imperial 737 MAX 8