Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Hellenic Imperial Airways B747-200

Yes!!! It’s real!!!


I changed your livery a bit. If you don’t like it, it’s totally fine, I just wanted to experiment and see if I could make it even better.

Here’s what I did: I changed the font to Ubuntu, made the purple line come straight down instead of zig-zagging, and made the cockpit mask a little more clean.

What do you think?


I really like it. Will start using it


I’m seeing back and looked at the “Pure Canadian” A320

I decided to make a remake of it


Newfair “Newfie Bullet” A330 NEO


NEW REMAKE!!!Transavia Airbus A320Neo “Green ‘N’ Proud”




Newfair 777X getting painted in a new livery. Registration is C-GSVN


Newfair All Blues 777-9X


Congraulations👏👏👏😍.The best NewfAir livery ever.
I will to make a NewfAir livery tomorrow


Thanks, it means a lot. I can’t wait to see yours!


Can someone send a Newfair logo?


It’s just the font Ubuntu and this “Whale Tail” logo.


I forgot about that Transavia one. 🙃


Singapore 777-9x


That… looks surprisingly good!


@Cayden_Smith Thank You.I make NewFair plane tomorrow


No problem. BTW, it’s NewfAir.



I like the first one better in my personal opinion.


The first one looks better imo