Design Your Own Airline | Or Repaint


Someone should come up for a livery for Wayfarer from Breaking Bad!


Northwest Airlines 787-10


That looks really good


Thanks :)


I Maked a better version of Joon 777-300ER with Med template.
Sorry for the big flag :v


I currently use Autodesk Sketchbook, and with its latest update it’s pretty good. PM me if you would like a tutorial, but it’s pretty self explanatory. Plus a new aircraft:


Any quick and easy requests?


A southwestern style livery would be cool


Newfair Toronto 757


That really suites the Dash 8


It does. I can’t wait to see it in St. John’s!


Emerson CRJ 1000


Hawaiian Airlines A330-300 N400HA (Fictional)


I’ll give it a try but it won’t be done until tomorrow sorry!


Can I suggest that you add the lighter blue to the fuselage too?


Work in progress updated livery for saguaro. Ant recommendations for changes?


Singapore 787-8


Thats honestly really neat looking. Would have been interesting to see an Singapore Airlines 787-8 flying around :P


Put the cactus closer to the back of the tail so it takes up more space, and darken the blue a bit, make it more sky-colored. The light blue makes it slightly hard to read the text. Other than that, it looks good.


So basically I got a new 787 and I put my regular livery of my airline Air Shamu but this livery in Dreamliner style 😎 (airline manager)